One can’t always be full of creativity all the time. Some days we are filled with brilliant ideas and others we just couldn’t even come up with something basic. We have all been there. If you are at one right now, don’t worry. It is normal to feel uninspired. Here are some tips which might help you overcome your creative block:

  • Take a walk outside

Sometimes all our brain needs is just a little walk in nature to regain its senses and creativity. A fresh breeze of air will fill you with energy and might spark a new perspective.

  • Talk to people or write it down

Try sharing what you are feeling. People might help you realise why it is happening. You might understand what’s bothering you. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by emotions that too affect our creativity. You just need to let it all out.

  • Embrace it, don’t fight it

Learn to accept. It happens to everyone. You might be afraid that this might stay forever or you have lost your creativity. This is not true. Even the greatest artists have had their creative blocks!

  • Walk away!

As Lukas Foss has said, “Most artists have experienced the creative block. We get stuck in our work. We beat our head against the wall: nothing. Sometimes, it is because we are trying something at the wrong time.” If you don’t feel like painting, don’t. There is nothing wrong with taking a break. Forcing will just make things difficult for you.

  • Get out of your comfort zone!

Do the unusual. New situations and tasks will lead a flow of new emotions, actions and thoughts. It will enhance your thinking and capabilities. Don’t be afraid, just try something new!

  • Take little steps at a time!

Don’t go for something big, start slow and small. Instead of painting on a big canvas, try mini-paintings! Remember these little things make a huge difference. Get started and paint your imagination or even doodle with Canvasify Mini Canvas Boards! 

You will be fine. This is just another hurdle that you will overcome. Everyone is creative, you just need to let it flow! Give some time and everything will fall back in the places it is supposed to be!

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