Canvasify Stretched Burlap Canvas with Shimmer


  • 100% natural jute
  • Perfect natural surface
  • Burlap comes staple-stretched over a 8″ x 8″ wood frame
  • Paint and decorate the canvas to create mixed media art, holiday décor, craft projects, and much more.
  • The pack contains Buy 2 Get 1 free, size : 8″ x 8″ (Inch), Color – Shimmer

Canvasify Stretched Burlap Canvas with Shimmer is an ideal surface for a wide array of projects. Be the artist with our 100% stretched burlap canvas. Our stretched burlap is made with natural jute, making it the perfect natural surface to accept your favorite paint, dye, ink, mist, iron-on, rub-on, etc. You will love how your art looks on our burlap stretched. Create wall art, home décor pieces, memory accents and holiday décor. Staple-stretched over a wood frame. Great for mixed media, craft and home décor DIY projects.

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